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Smida Technologies - CCTV Dealers in Kozhikode


About us


Smida Technologies is a Bangalore based company, offers CCTV Surveillance Systems implementation and maintenance. Our products and services include Dealers of CCTV surveillance systems, Dealers of CCTV Cameras in Calicut, CCTV Dealer in Calicut, CCTV Installation in Calicut, Suppliers of CCTV Accessories in Calicutand CCTV Repair & Services in Calicut

Our Services

CCTV Dealers in Kozhikode

Smida Technologies (CCTV Solutions Calicut) offers a wide range of CCTV cameras and DVR. We are one of the top leading dealers of CCTV in Calicut. CCTV surveillance plays a major role in security so its installation and maintenance is important.


CCTV  Surveillance System Dealers in Kozhikode
Smida Technologies (CCTV Solutions provider Calicut/Kozhikode) is one of the Leading dealers of CCTV surveillance Systems in Kozhikode). We develop customized technologically sound CCTV Systems as per customers’ demands and industrial trends. We offer CCTV Systems, which provide maximum security and complete prevention from crime, theft and vandalism with its capability to instant alerts at the time of crisis or trouble.


Security Cameras for Sale in Kozhikode
Smida Technologies (CCTV solutions provider Kozhikode) is a premier CCTV Accessory supplier in Kozhikode, Kerala. We supply Dome camera - Day & night, Bullet Camera, Bullet Camera, PTZ Cameras, Cctv Dome Cameras, Cctv WDR Cameras, Cctv C/CS-Mount Cameras, Cctv IR Cameras, Cctv Zoom Cameras, Cctv IR Dual Cameras, Cctv Speed Dome Cameras, Cctv IP Cameras in and around Kozhikode / Calicut.

Best Security Camera Services in Kozhikode
Smida technologies (CCTV Solutions Kozhikode) is one of India's leading CCTV Security system provider, offers CCTV camera design, installation and maintenance service. We are committed to deliver the best quality service, offering most competitive, highly innovative and technology products. We look to build a safe and secured environment across Commercial and residential segments in and around Kozhikode / Calicut.

Best CCTV Dealers in Kozhikode
Smida technologies (CCTV Solutions Kozhikode) are the leading CCTV distributor in  Kozhikode. We are engaged to provide end-to-end solutions in the field of Home Automation, Information, Security systems, and telecommunication technologies. We offer our services to both home and business enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. We are the prominent custom made CCTV distributors in Kozhikode that satisfies our clients’ needs and requirements.

CCTV Repair & Services in Kozhikode
Repair and services of electronic equipment happen frequently. As CCTV equipment work 24/7 for ensuring security, its repair and service is an attention seeking task. Smida technologies (CCTV Solutions Kozhikode) offer repair services for various brands of CCTV equipment. We are the largest CCTV repair service provider in Kozhikode. We get your equipment back very soon after the service to minimize the downtime and also save you and your company money. We have been doing CCTV surveillance equipment repairs since 2010 and handle a huge number of clients as they are satisfied in our services.


1st Floor, Happy Building, Puthiyara

Calicut- 673004
Contact Person : Ebin Mathew
Mobile : +91 8606650282




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